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Floor Model: High Volume Stoelting F231

Electric Requirements: DEDICATED 220V outlet. Available air cooled or water cooled.

Counter Top Model: Stoelting F131

Electric Requirements: DEDICATED 220V outlet. Air cooled only.

WINNING PARTNERSHIPS are based upon having a company that not only owns the soft serve formula, but the equipment as well. It's SERVICE, the likes of which you've never seen -- it's how you CARE for your customers, it's how we care for ours -- a PARTNERSHIP between your talents and ours.

Remember, when a machine is down, so is Boca Freeze®. And always know, we are only a phone call or text away!

All you need to plug into the frozen soft serve boom is Boca Freeze®. Please inquire about our machine program on the contact page (restrictions apply).

New or Used

In the market to purchase equipment? You've got the questions, Boca Freeze® has the answers.

Whether new or used, we offer you our years of experience and discounts for making your venture into the soft serve business a huge success.